Moving From Curriculum to Enrichment in the Math Classroom

Where and why exactly are we failing in math education these days? Why has the USA been failing in the world math competitions for so many years?  What’s really go on that is wrong? Refreshingly, we have answers to those questions above—and a correction, I might add, to the perception that the USA continues to… Continue reading Moving From Curriculum to Enrichment in the Math Classroom

Should We Cool It With Homework?

I often seek out, proactively, feedback from parents on how our school is doing and how their child’s experience is going. Cafes, hallways, phone calls, focus groups, Starbucks, chit-chat along the soccer sidelines—wherever.  These occasions would be me reaching out to parents, not parents setting appointments with me regarding specific elements of their child’s experience. … Continue reading Should We Cool It With Homework?

Whole Child Pathway to Highly Capable Students

As an educator who is striving to mobilize faculty and staff to fully address the complex needs of a wide range of learners, one area that emerges as both frustrating and very promising is how we address the needs of the highly capable students. Let me speak first about these two terms: “highly capable” and… Continue reading Whole Child Pathway to Highly Capable Students

Designing Our Way To Better Learning

Last week I attended a workshop at Harvard for corporate and organizational leaders on “Design Thinking” (thus the absence of my weekly blog posting last Friday). There is a lot I anticipate sharing with colleagues about this workshop, and this experience I know will feed future postings on my site. It truly was transformative for… Continue reading Designing Our Way To Better Learning

Enlivening Minds Through Literary Art

While the current craze of gutting classrooms in order to assemble Makerspaces is racing across America’s schools, there has been for many years vibrant, three-dimensional learning going on in the classic literature classroom. For example, eighth grade students at Levine Academy in Dallas have the good fortune of having a creative literary maverick in their teacher,… Continue reading Enlivening Minds Through Literary Art

The School of Imagination and Relevance

OK, it’s time to imagine. I mean pure imagining. Whenever I conduct an imagining exercise for my team, I ask them to forget about time, forget about money, and just to forget about even human or scientific limits… just imagine. Throw all obstacles and caveats out the door. So the exercise I will enact here… Continue reading The School of Imagination and Relevance

Don’t Teach Viewpoints; Teach Counterpoints

Time to talk about boredom. Kids complain about being bored; moms get agonized over hearing this complaint in the carpool line; teachers are flustered as to how to respond. This is a big topic—it’s packed with issues that are developmental and societal, not just educational. I’ll be turning to this topic from time to time… Continue reading Don’t Teach Viewpoints; Teach Counterpoints